• Summertime Toys!

    It's Summertime! Honestly, hard to believe looking at the window today, but it is time to think about enjoying th...
  • Trainees & The Grasshopper Toys Team

    For those customers who visit our shop or call us by phone and interact with the Grasshopper Toys Team, I wanted ...
  • We need an Ark

    It's lashing it down. It's been lashing it down for most of 2013. The garden is sodden, the chickens have grown webbed feet and the puppy refuses to go outside. What we need is an ark! Or a floating house.

    I googled floating houses, well, once the idea entered my head, it was hard to resist. And, sure enough there are lots of different types of floating homes - check this out -fascinating, but perhaps not practical for us, given we don't actually live on a lake. Yet...



  • Send Your Letter To Santa @ Grasshopper Toys

    We are so excited to have our very own Red Letterbox with a direct link to Santa Claus himself! Pop in to our lovely shop with your kids and post a letter to Santa in our red letterbox.


  • The Force Is Strong At Grasshopper Toys!

    In a Galaxy Far, Far Away… times of simple, plastic,
    non-talking, walking and scarily realistic dolls, guns that couldn’t fire
    projectiles across living rooms and the classic games of dot-to-dot and noughts
    and crosses are long forgotten. And yet, LEGO still reigns King, as the
    timelessly classic childhood toy.

    It may have developed beyond large tubs of colourful bricks
    and room for a lot of imagination, but LEGO is still the favourite of children
    (and parents) everywhere. And for good reason. When I was young the thing I
    loved most about dragging the hundreds of tiny pieces out and spreading them
    all over the floor, was the endless possibility of what I could create. While I
    built castles and doll’s houses, my brother claimed huge forts and the
    occasional super-flying-car, and of course our parents could lend a helping
    hand and a few suggestions… it seems that LEGO isn’t something you grow out of.
    And when you combine the detailed and working models that
    LEGO now offer with a franchise as popular as Star Wars, you have something of
    a masterpiece- that my forty-something year old father still gets excited

    For any fan of both LEGO and Star Wars there is a huge range
    of sets to choose from and one of my favourites is perhaps the most iconic ship
    in the galaxy: The Millennium Falcon. One of the coolest LEGO models I’ve come
    across, I got excited about it when I set eyes on the box, and it’s more than a
    mere model… the hull opens to reveal an incredibly detailed interior that
    appears to have been taken straight out of A New Hope! Belonging to the action
    hero Han Solo and his best friend Chewy it featured in many battle scenes and
    saves the day! It’s also accompanied by the itsy-bitsy cute miniature versions
    of the characters: Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, Chewbacca, Ben Kenobi, Princess
    Leia and Darth Vadar, and if you ask me there isn’t really a better cast of
    characters to add to your LEGO collection.

    So if you’re looking for a challenge to keep the kids amused
    and excited but that isn’t too difficult to be achievable, the Millennium
    Falcon comes highly recommended! It combines the best of LEGO with a passion
    for Star Wars, and once you’ve put the time in to construct the ship you have a
    galaxy to explore and a Death Star to defeat. We love it and we know you will
    too! (Suitable for Jedi aged 9+)

  • Dress Your Doll Dress Making Kits

    More than fifty designs

    We want to tell those of you with daughters, grand daughters, nieces and significant girls in your lives (doesn't that cover us all?, I think so), about the New Dress Your Doll range we now have in stock.
    These clever dress-making kits are all pre-printed on lovely fabrics ready for cutting out and stitching to create the latest fashionable dolly outfit. The kits are suited to a Barby style doll but Dress Your Doll also offer their own mannequin-style doll for those who prefer a less, well, Barby look. Pop over and have a look at the lovely designs. Remember all orders (standard UK mainland delivery, sorry to all our overseas friends) are now free of P&P costs!

  • Halloween Competition

    Win a £50 Halloween Party Pack!
    Here is our latest competition, we have two Halloween Party Packs worth £50 each to give away, comprising Snazaroo Face Paints, Witch's hats, spooky tableware and spooky decorations to turn your home into a veritable Halloween wonderland!
    We have two prizes to give away and here's what we are looking for:
    1. The most Halloweeny Halloween picture. It can be a drawing by you or your kids, a photograph of last year's pumpkin or your wildly decorated cakes, face painted children or husbands, whatever you like, but it must be yours or your family's, not copied or reproduced.
    2. A spooky short story or poem. Again written by you or your child, any length, any aspect of Halloween, but it must be original.
    To enter simply post your entries on our Facebook page. Check out our competition page on the left hand bar of our Facebook Page for more details.
    Competition closes on October 21st, Winners will be announced on 22nd October.
    Good Luck to you all!
  • Quotes & Winners

    Well here are the quotes that you sent in to our latest Facebook Page, we loved them!  The winners are announced at the bottom...

    Christine Lockley: My fave quote is "Life is not measured by the amount of breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away"

    Hannah Beadle: Only a life lived for others is a life worth while - Albert Einstein

    Kelly Padwick: In the style of delboy..."he who dares - wins!"

    Sue Robinson: My favourite quote is simple but true "In time of test, family is best" :)

    Continue reading

  • It's Friday & Don't Forget To Enter Our Competition!

    It's Friday! Hope you're all looking forward to a fabby weekend:). Don't forget to go over to the Grasshopper Toys Face Book page and enter our competition. Send us your favourite quote into us by Sunday evening for a chance to win one of three cutesy Le Toy Van mini forts . Good Luck!

    Also... don't forget it's National Chocolate week next week, has to be celebrated! We will be struggling through chocolate cake made with eggs from a friend's chickens which were delivered to us yesterday by her lovely daughter who cycles around delivering them to lucky folk! Thank you!

  • Nikon Small World Competition Results Announced Tomorrow

    If you have any interest at all in nature, photography and our world and how beautiful science can be, we urge you to check out this website Nikon SmallWorld, the images are really quite stunning. The Nikon International Small World Competition results for 2011 will be announced tomorrow, the has run every year since its inception in 1974 as a way of show-casing the very beautiful and informative  images which scientists and amateurs alike generate with light microscopes. Since then, Small World has become a leading showcase for photomicrographers.

    collage of winning images

    Whilst a photomicrograph can contain vast amounts of precious information which is useful to science or industry, they are often exquisitely beautiful images in their own right, portraying astonishing colours, symmetries and intricacy of patterns in nature which are frankly artistically inspirational. We are lucky enough to own some large black and white scanning electron images of an embryonic wheat head, a pollen grain and one of the surface of a plant leaf, not very inspiring sounding, but these images are stunningly beautiful and look wonderful framed and hung as works of art in our home.

    Equally, If you're inspired to try microscopy yourself, take a look at these and get one added onto your Christmas list!

    A good starter microscope for kids



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