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  • Games in History, Geography and Culture!

    We have found a fun and exciting way to explore history, travel across landscapes and understand culture using games. In fact, we have an entire section in our online shop dedicated to History, Geography and Culture.

    We have chosen a couple of fun board and card games suitable for the whole family, so why not check them out for yourself and see what else we can offer you today!

    The Harry Hastings’ History Heroes – Athletes is one of the fabulous card games digging into the rich and interesting history of athletics and the athletes that triumphed. A fun tool in the class and a great game for the car and playground, it is available from only £8.99.

    Our Harry Hastings History Heroes Explorers Cards are great if you want to teach your children games about the explorers that made history. Containing a total of 42 cards, it is available in our online shop from as little as £8.99.

    Explore Egypt and become the Supreme Pharaoh with the Egyptians Board Game from the Green Board Company. With over 200 questions and a battle against rivals, your kids are sure to learn some great and interesting facts about this time period. It s available in our online shop for as little as £20.00.

    Depicting different monarchs and important historical figures from 1066 to present, the Harry Hastings History Heroes Monarchs Cards is a spectacular way to learn about historical facts and the important figures that made it. Available from as little as £8.99, the 42 card set is beautifully illustrated by cartoonist Bill Scott.

    Our selection of games and cards for History, Geography and Culture is fantastic. We are very proud of our selection and hope that you enjoy perusing them. If there are other games that we do not have that you think we should have, please feel free to suggest it to us!

  • Harry Hastings Cards: A Peep Into History

    Today, education is much less scary and much more fun than it used to be. The Harry Hastings History Heroes series is one such example of how play and learning come together to turn history into a fun and entertaining pastime. An educational card game, the Harry Hastings Monarchs cards are  designed to encourage kids to learn historical facts, with each card depicting an important historical entity since 1066, including Christopher Columbus, Neil Armstrong, and Amelia Earhart, among others!

    History Learning Made Easy

    The historical game encourages learning among kids, helping them identify the monarch painted on each card. When a player is able to identify the historical figure on a specific card, they win that card. The player who is able to identify the maximum number of monarchs emerges as the winner. The History Heroes card game can be used in classroom teaching as well, with the teacher making it entertaining for kids to learn historical facts and broaden their knowledge of history, which is otherwise seen as a boring and uninteresting subject by most kids. The game is sure to interest kids as well as adults, thanks to its unique presentation of historical facts. Differentiated as hard, medium, and easy facts, it is a perfect companion for enjoyment on family holidays.

    • The game uses high quality cards, with 6 questions on each card and 3 color coded levels of difficulty.
    • All the original and interesting drawings have been beautifully presented by renowned cartoonist Bill Stott.

    Know all their is to know about the Monarchs? Then try Harry Hastings History Heroes Explorers - my favourite it has to be said.

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