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  • What are Budkins and are they for me?

    Budkins are small wooden collectible figures produced by Le Toy Van. They are fully posable, hand-painted, dressed in real fabric outfits and usually come with an accessory. You can buy Budkins individually or in sets of 3 called "Gift Sets".

    Le Toy Van is known for their fantastic wooden toys and toy sets. Their Budkins toys are great little figures that children can play with to spark their imagination.

    Budkins are a great alternative to plastic dolls. They are bright and colourful and made of sustainable wood. Perfect gifts for the eco-conscious parent. Budkins are scaled perfectly to work with Vehicles and play-sets from Le Toy Van including the Pirate Ship, Castle and Horses.


    Some Budkins themes and sets

    The working world Budkins include doctors, nurses, firemen, police, school pupils, cleaners and chefs. They are themed on modern jobs and occupations and are ideal for teaching children about the world they live in.

    The Pirate Budkins include pirates, buccaneers swashbucklers and even a ghost. The 2 factions of pirates are forever battling it out. They are ideal when paired with either pirate ship.

    Fairytale & Fantasy
    These Budkins includes your favorite fairy-tale characters such as Red Riding Hood, Alice in Wonderland the Sugar Plum Fairy. It also encompasses fantasy monsters such as the Mummy, Dracula and a bone chilling Skeleton. These sets are ideal for a child that likes Fictional stories and Fantasy.

    Farm & Safari
    Great for the animal loving child, these sets include farmers, safari guides, equestrians and more. They are great paired with animals such as the horse or with the farm building.

    Historical figures from different areas including Cowboys, Indians, Kings Romans and Vikings. These figures are designed to work with Le Toy Van castles and accessories. They are perfect for teaching your child about historical events and re-enacting famous battles and scenes.


    Are they for you?

    Budkins are a fantastic alternative to plastic action figures. They are ideal for a child with an active imagination. Paired with any of the large form wooden toys such as the castle or the pirate ship they can keep a child amused for hours on end. They are of a good quality and tough enough to survive a child's play session.

    Collect Them All!

    There are over 100 Budkins to collect and discover and they cover a wide range of topics from Knights and Royals, Working World, Pirates, Family and more.

    Budkins are a perfect gift. They can be as cheap or expensive as you like. You can pick up a single figure for £5.99 or a set of 3 for £17. We offer a wide selection of Budkins Dolls including the Police Set, Buccaneers Playset, Ambulance Set, Crusaders Wooden Set, Footballer Set, Fairy Dolls Playset and many more.

    Grasshopper toys also stocks individual Budkins dolls from Family, Farm and Safari, Knights and Royalty, Fairytale and of course Pirates!

  • No Clue What To Buy Them?

    Grasshopper Toys Gift Cards Now Available In Store & Online

    No clue what they have already, or what to buy? Grasshopper Gift Cards will solve your problems!
    We now offer lovely printed Gift Cards which are supplied with an outer card for your message and an envelope. Available in any amounts, multiples of £5.00.
    Marvellous, problem solved!

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