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  • Easter Egg Egghead craftables

    Easter is around the corner, which means the school holidays are looming. Help keep your kids busy with a little Easter fun with these quick craftables from Grasshopper Toys. Eggheads are a great craft activity for kids aged 3 and older. They are printable sheets containing little parts of a cartoon character for your child to colour and put together. They include:

    • 2 Egghead heads
    • 6 Types of Mouth
    • 11 Sets of Eyes
    • 4 Feet
    • 5 Arms Hands and Wings
    • 1 Set of bunny ears!

    The 3 sheets contain every part you would need to invent your own little Easter Egghead. They are a great activity to do with your child in an afternoon and best of all they are completely free! All you need are some simple craft supplies, a printer and some paper. You can download the sheets directly on our website here at the end of this article.


    You will need some scissors, glue  a printer and some paper. Any paper will do but you may have better luck with higher stock. First download the sheets below. You will need PDF software in order to read the sheets. Most computers have this software but if you do not we reccomend Foxit Reader. Once downloaded you should colour in the parts that you want to use. Cut out the parts you are going to use for your Egghead Glue your parts together! That's it! it's that simple. Experiment with different parts and colours Download the kit images below: Easter-Egg-Heads PDF Sheet Download Link

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