How can I help my child to count?

It can be a real struggle for children to learn to count, but as a parent, you can make a real difference, whether it is learning basic 1,2,3 style counting for the dreaded times tables, there are a number of methods and lots of helpful products to sugar the pill!

Learning Number Sequences

To begin with you can talk simply to your child about how many units there are. For example; how many balls are there? Repeat the name of the number, so ‘one ball’ ‘one biscuit’. Your child will very quickly pick up the meaning of the word one, two three etc.

A good way to do it is to ask your child to start counting from a number other than one eg, “start from number seven”. This will help your child with when they need to add two groups together as they can start counting from the larger group.

Magnetic number mazeNumber maze


One for the goose and ten for the goat…the animals are counting on you! This Magnetic number maze is bound to help your child learn their counting in a fun way. Fill each basket with the correct number of red “apples” by sliding the attached magnetic wand over the acrylic cover. Perform maths-magic at home, sure to help your child learn and have fun all at once!

Counting Household Objects

Another great way for them to learn is to ask your child to help you count the pieces as you cut up food such as cake, quiche, fruit or sandwiches. This can also be used when laying the table, by getting them to count the number of knives, forks and other cutlery you place for each person can help, and you could even get them to lay it themselves when they become good enough.


Counting caterpillar

Counting Caterpillar

It can be difficult getting toddlers to learn to count, let alone have fun while doing it, this is where the counting caterpillar comes in! This cheerful character encourages young learners to work on number and colour recognition as they develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. They can sort by numerical order, do                                                                                beginning math problems, and explore their imagination. This toy                                                                              is bound to keep toddlers learning and having fun for hours.

Number Hunt

Tap into your child’s inner curiosity with going on a number hunt! You can go around the house - or wherever you are – discovering all the places where numbers are used like a clock, TV, Computer and much more!


Wall ChartsWall charts


Every child loves to have posters on their wall, why not make them educational with our many maths and counting wall charts! We have a range of posters, wall charts and calendars to help inspire and educate children in a play, home or school environment. The collection from Chart Media covers foreign languages, flags, cultures from around the world, the human body, maths, literature skills, dinosaurs, animals, wildlife, transport, space and much more!


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