Play With Playmobil!

Inspire your kid to learn about farming, space, dinosaurs and more with Playmobil sets at Grasshopper Toys!

Ever since Playmobil’s launch in 1975 these fun, durable and interchangeable kits have been known to be both fun and educational.

I mean, what better way is there to learn than through playing! Playmobil sets are mostly geared towards younger children and include themes such as city life, History and fantasy. Playmobil also has simpler sets for toddlers allowing your child to grow up learning and playing.^CCFD54D3937910ABC7F5EEB91F15B6D96A82F9139DC736BDCD^pimgpsh_mobile_save_distr


Inspire your child to un
derstand the job of firefighters with this Playmobil City Action set. Extinguish the flames with the Fire Rescue Crew. This set includes three figures, a fire hydrant, a fire extinguisher and other accessories that will
keep your child entertained for hours.




The mighty Stegosaurus!
This set from Playmobil’s Dinos range is excellent for all those kids interested in Dinosaurs. Watch as the Stegosaurus babies are hatched from their eggs. Nearby a mother and baby lizard are watching. Set includes mother Stegosaurus and three babies, three dinosaur eggs, adult and baby lizard, landscape with trees and flower, and other accessories bound to inspire the next great archaeologists!




^9ADEEB5937B7211B4A363583790D014A00EBDF689853857082^pimgpsh_mobile_save_distrFor all those toddlers out there we have the Playmobil 1.2.3 Truck With Garage. Load up the Playmobil 1.2.3 truck with the goods from the garage and the workman can then drive the truck and tip out the goods at the destination. The garage can be used as a shed and with the bright colours and shapes this will also help develop independent learning and concentration. Available to buy today online and in store!


With the massive variety of themes and sets that Playmobil offers, it’s possible to find something for every child. As the majority of Playmobil sets are interchangeable, you can combine sets to make one big play set, and it is even possible to keep adding sets until your child outgrows Playmobil. Educational sets such as ones on farming and history bring the classroom to a child through play. As the years go by and your child grows up they will have hours of fun with Playmobil!

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