Summertime Toys!

It's Summertime! Honestly, hard to believe looking at the window today, but it is time to think about enjoying the great outdoors Whether you’re off on holiday or simply hoping for good weather at home we have plenty of products to keep your child active and entertained.

Ideal for little hands Ideal for little hands

At the beach or in the sand-pit this cute little trowel just made digging much happier! Great for digging all the way to Australia or even just for helping out with the gardening. The brilliant colours and an easy to clean handle keep this little tool looking fresh. If managing the vegetable patch is more your thing this trowel will do a great job helping kids learn to garden in a fun way.

If your child is a budding biologist or just loves to learn about something new then the Super Bug Viewer is perfect for them. Whether it’s the insects of the garden or creatures from somewhere far on your travels then with a strong 10x magnification, this clever bug viewer is perfect for them. The product has a unique swivelling viewer which allows you to see the insects from all angles. It also comes with tweezers for picking up the insects without getting your hands dirty.

Bug viewers are a great way to observe nature Bug viewers are a great way to observe nature

What summer wouldn’t be complete without using a pair of binoculars! Whether it to be watching birds in the garden, boats at the beach or Burgers on the Barbecue, these dinky little binoculars are sure to add to the fun. With a 3x magnification and ability to fold up and fit into your pocket they can be easily taken all over the globe, or even to a friend’s garden! They are great looking binoculars and are compact and convenient, available in a range of different colours including red, green, blue and yellow.


Tuck these foldable binoculars in your child's pocket! Tuck these foldable binoculars in your child's pocket!

Wherever you’re going this summer, Grasshopper Toys stocks a wide range of outdoor and sports toys bound to keep your child intrigued, active and entertained all summer long.

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