Love is in the air

Valentines day comes once a year. It's a day in which we celebrate our loved ones. Our mums, our dads, brothers, sisters, wives, husbands and friends. It's a day in which we let them know that we appreciate them, that they mean a lot to us.  We send them cards and we give them flowers or chocolates. We can even just draw them a picture.

Nobody quite knows why valentines day got started exactly, but the one story we like is that it began with the Saint Valentine of Rome.

Saint Valentine

The Roman Empire at the time forbid Soldiers to marry. Those that fell in love were destine to serve out their days in the legion before they could join with their loves. Saint Valentine would secretly perform ceremonies for these soldiers, helping them be with their loved ones. For that he was eventually arrested. Before he passed away he wrote a final letter and signed it "Your Valentine".

Your Own Story

The Valentines day story is a fun little story you can act out with your children using Budkins or other props.

There are many stories surrounding the creation of valentines day. do you have one?

Activity Sheet

You can also colour-valentines our fun little valentines day activity sheet attached to this post.



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