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About our Traineesabout our trainees

For those customers who visit our shop or call us by phone and interact with the Grasshopper Toys Team, I wanted to explain a little bit about the trainees who work in our shop. We have our regular team, whom you all know and love, they’re a very passionate and talented group. But alongside our permanent staff, we are sometimes asked to take on youngsters as trainees. The trainees work with us for a short period of time, usually in the region of three months, in order to give them some experience of working life.

About Our Trainees

These youngsters may not have worked before, therefore they have no skills that they can show to a prospective employer. Sometimes these young trainees have learning issues or possibly autism, sometimes they’re foreign students looking to practice their English. As a company that is obviously heavily focused on education, and as parents ourselves, we love that we have the opportunity to give someone a chance to learn whilst feeling safe and respected. We spend a lot of time training our visitors and it’s great to watch their confidence grow as their skills and experience grow.

Thank You To Our Customers

Thank you to all our customers for being patient and having understanding when one of our trainees serves you. It may not always be quite the slick experience you’re expecting, but please know that the interaction is hugely important to these young people. We always have members of our permanent team working alongside, so if you do need further assistance please, please don’t hesitate to ask us.



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