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Posted by Gareth Davies on September 30, 2014 in Jigsaws , Toy Tips

Jigsaw puzzles are games, which involve reorganizing a picture, which is cut into several pieces, back to its original form. Jigsaw puzzles comprise of one large picture, which is printed either on a wooden or a cardboard surface. To solve the puzzle, kids need to place each piece at its original place. These pictures can be based on science, nature, geography, history, popular cartoon characters, and animals, among others. They are named jigsaw puzzles because originally the pictures were made on flat wooden pieces and were cut using jigsaws.

In this article, we want to share the many benefits of jigsaw puzzles and their different types.

Benefits of jigsaw puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles are an engaging activity that are not only fun, but can also improve many skills of children. Let’s look at some of the skills, which are developed by regularly solving jigsaw puzzles.

Attention to detail: While solving a jigsaw puzzle, kids need to pay minute attention to the placement and positioning of each piece. A single wrong placement and the puzzle cannot not be solved, and so this helps in improving children’s concentration and focus.

Problem solving: Solving jigsaw puzzles enhances the problem-solving skills of children as this requires them to think of all possible solutions to the problem, or all possible positions of each piece. They are also required to make decisions on the positioning of pieces. Like in real life problem solving, there is trial and error and sometimes children may err in their decisions. So, they need to try new approaches continuously till the time the problem is entirely solved.

Visualization: To be able to solve a jigsaw puzzle, children need to visualise the outcome constantly, and this helps in improving their visualization skills. Kids are continually relating their steps to their original goal of reorganizing the picture, and this enhances their visual thinking or imagination skills.

Planning and execution: Before solving a puzzle, children need to plan their approach, i.e. whether they will first fit all the edges together or whether they will put all identical colours together. Importantly, they need to execute their plan, and like real life some plans may work and some may not. This activity will help in improving their planning skills as well as their skills of how to translate plans into action and how to recover from setbacks when things don’t go as planned.

Patience and perseverance: Jigsaw puzzles require a lot of time and determination to solve. This activity can train kids to be more patient, and it also makes them realize the importance of determination and dedication. Once they solve the puzzle, the sense of satisfaction can be a meaningful lesson on patience and perseverance.

Other benefits: Apart from the above benefits, research has shown jigsaw puzzles can help in the development of many more skills like logical reasoning, creative thinking, organization, memory retention, categorisation/grouping, visual discrimination, and hand-eye coordination.

Let’s look at some of the different types of jigsaw puzzles.

Types of jigsaw puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles are made from cardboard or wood. Wooden jigsaw puzzles have a classy feel and last longer, and cardboard jigsaws are lightweight. Grasshopper toys has different types of jigsaw puzzles in its collection.

Fairies and unicorn jigsaw puzzle at £8.99 is very colourful and pleasing to the eye. This 48-piece puzzle can be particularly useful in developing the colour identification skills of children.

Marble and dominoes or dice and dominoes jigsaw puzzles, each priced at £12.99, are very challenging and fulfilling. Both have 1,000 pieces and combine two puzzles into one with colourful marbles or dominoes on one side and dices on the other side.

For young kids who may be interested in farming or harvesting, there’s Johnny’s Busy Harvesting jigsaw puzzle at £8.99, which has two puzzles of 26 pieces each.

Kids who are fans of Playmobil toys may like the 100-piece Dino Country jigsaw or the 150-piece Pirate Island jigsaw, both priced at £10.99 each.

If the children are very fond of cakes and sweets, they will love the sweet treats jigsaw, which is priced at £8.99.

And, for creative kids who like painting, there’s a set of Paint-Your-Own Robot jigsaw at £4.99, which requires the kids to first paint the jigsaws. Once they have painted, they have to disassemble the pieces and then reorganize them.


Your choice of jigsaw puzzles will depend on your kids’ interest, their age, and their thinking capabilities. We at Grasshopper toys believe in promoting toys that are fun, yet also contribute towards the growth and development of the children. We strongly recommend gifting of jigsaw puzzles as they can provide far-reaching benefits to children, even in their adult life.



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